Bergamotta Works - Visual ID

We were invited by Grendene to develop their innovation lab visual ID - Bergamotta Works -, translating symbolically and graphically the concepts of fluidity, humanism and diversity that the lab explores in their processes.

In Portuguese, "bergamota" means "tangerine" - a fruit that is formed by different segments, all connected and separated at the same time. And that's what Bergamotta represents: a modular and versatile lab, that can adapt specifically for each situation. Aiming for fluidity. Having multiplicity as a rule.

To build this symbolic universe we brought together the talents of Brunna Mancuso and Maikon Nery, exploring their skills in different areas - illustration and graphic design - to define the wide setup of visual paths that composes Bergamotta Works brand.

More than a logo, a complete and responsive visual ID system, where colors and textures are territories of contact and expression. Deliverables planned to be flexible and adapted to any communication needs.

Illustrations: Brunna Mancuso
Head Designer: Maikon Nery

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