ABC's of Survival

Gabriel Monteiro (Gabs)
Gabriel Monteiro (Gabs) Linoca Souza Linoca Souza Ciro Schunemann Ciro Schunemann Linoca Souza Linoca Souza Junno Senna Junno Senna Oga Mendonça Oga Mendonça Robinho Santana Robinho Santana Robinho Santana Robinho Santana Shamel Washington (book author) and his family

In November 2020, The Bloc NY connected with us to discuss a very special project: The ABC's of Survival.

The project consists of an ABC book that addresses, through texts and illustrations, the difficult lessons BIPOC parents must share with their children on how to survive the structural racism our world presents - responsible for so many unjustified deaths, and target of various recent protests, besides being a central point of discussion during the 2020 elections. The book presents 26 letters and 26 lessons, illustrated by a wide range of BIPOC artists from around the globe.

From Brazil, Norte brought to the project the artistic talents of Oga Mendonça, Ciro Schunemann, Gabriel Ribeiro (Gabs), Junno Sena, Robinho Santana and Aline de Souza (Linoca Souza) - the latter, also responsible for illustrating the book cover.

This book was created with the concept that it shouldn't exist, and aims to provoke real actions and changes. Through its pages, readers will find tear-out protest posters and postcards, which should be addressed to the congress to amplify the debate and awareness. So reading the book should be the first act of a series of movements aiming for racial justice. 

The book launch took part on March 8th in a partnership with the National Black Child Development Institute (, and all proceeds of the book will go directly to the non-profit organization.

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The Bloc / NY