Globo - Nos Tempos do Imperador

Opening sequence for Globo’s soap opera, "Nos Tempos do Imperador".

Illustrations, assets, keyframes and animation for Globo’s Nos Tempos do Imperador opening sequence.

The soap opera pictures 19th century Brazil, thirty years after independence was declared. The story begins in 1856, and has the Second Empire as its background, period of time when Dom Pedro II ruled as Brazil’s emperor.


Creative Direction: Norte
Executive Production: Norte

 Liquor Media
Direction: Indio San
Post-production supervisor: Sivo Greven
Animation Supervisor: Pedro Alk
Animators: Pedro Alk, Roberto Ozaki e Fernando Bardanha
Project Manager: Alê Campos
Finishing: Bruna Custódio
Soundtrack: Cais - Milton Nascimento

- Victor Rossi;
- Henrique Lindner;
- Sattu;
- Renato Palmuti;
- Jonatan Barbosa dos Anjos;
- Kauê dos Santos Daiprai;
- Antonio Laylton Pereira Sousa;
- Paulo Torinno.

Art assistants:
- Marcelo Martins;
- Júlia Prado;
- Emily Matsukura.

Commissioned by