Salla 2032 - Official Mascot and Posters

Helena Cintra Marcelo Martins Rogério Puhl Paula de Aguiar Maikon Nery Bernardo Abreu

Creation of the official mascot and posters for the bidding campaign to host the 2032 Olympic Summer Games by Salla, Finland's coldest city.

To raise awareness about climate change and global warming, agency Africa created, in partnership with Fridays for Future NGO, a fake campaign for Finland's coldest city to host the 2032 Summer Olympic Games.

Salla, located in the Lappland region, north of Finland, is suffering the effects of global warming by experiencing shorter winter seasons, and the reflects it has on the local environment. In an effort that mobilized local citizens as well as Salla’s mayor himself, and using acid humor and sarcasm, the campaign drawn world attention to the issue, generating both shock and surprise.

Created by the couple Marmota Vs. Milky, and afterwards converted to 3D by Thales da Rocha Trindade, the official mascot is a reindeer - the same species that is used by Santa Claus to carry his sled - called Kesa. The word Kesä means summer in Finnish, and the animal is pictured suffering from the heat in all artworks.

The campaign also consisted of a Bid Book, and an official shop inside the bid website. Besides the mascot creation, Norte was responsible for inviting different artists to bring their perspective of the event, by creating promotional posters about this near and yet, dystopian future.

Character concept: Mamota Vs. Milky
3D Character: Thales da Rocha Trindade

Film: Triatoma
Director: Santi Dulce
Mascot animation: Marco Nick

Posters artists:
- Bernardo Abreu
- Helena Cintra
Maikon Nery
- Paula de Aguiar
Rogério Puhl

Commissioned by

Africa / SP