Bic - One Bic

Shun Izumi
Bernardo Abreu Breno Ferreira Benson Chin Negritoo Lygia Pires Aline Paes Fabiane Langona Bernardo França Davi Augusto

Series of posters for project One Bic Poster for Bic. The illustrations were made on 1,20 x 1,75 paper sheets, using only one blue ballpoint pen. The posters were displayed on bus stops across Sao Paulo city.


Three of the illustrations were selected in the Industry Craft category shortlist at Cannes Lions 2018.


Illustrations by:

- Aline Paes

Bernardo Abreu

- Bernardo França
- Benson Chin
- Breno Ferreira
- Davi Augusto
Fabiane Langona
Lygia Pires
- Negritoo
- Shun Izumi

Commissioned by

Young & Rubicam