Olympikus - The most victorious shirt

Norte invited fashion designer Renan Serrano to create, in partnership with JWT, a shirt formed by more than 20 former Brazilian Volleyball Team shirts, to translate the spirit and legacy left by Bernardinho throughout his 23 years trajectory as Brazil’s head coach.

An unique piece, that gathered all the victories and stories, and served as a tribute to one of the most successful coaches in Brazilian sport. 

To achieve this, 20 shirts that were originally used on Brazilian greatest titles, were torn apart, shredded and processed to build a new one.

Estilista: Renan Serrano
Produção e Gestão de Sustentabilidade: Marina de Luca
Produtora Vídeo: Bloco Filmes
Diretor: Biel Gomes
Produtora de Som: Croácia
Lettering Design Vídeo: Matheus Mendes


• Divulgação Cliente
• Renan Serrano
• Carlo Taffarel
• Marina de Luca

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