Japan House - Virtual Street Art

Feik Zezão Fernando Chamarelli Marcelo Eco Jun Takahashi Helena Sbeghen Mathiole Goodwivesandwarriors Loro Verz Rômolo D`Hipólito Diego Medina Carla Barth Flavio Samelo Titi Freak Marina Esmeraldo B47 Highraff Prozak Dimas Forchetti Jana Glatt Paola Saliby

January 2020, the month that São Paulo celebrates its birthday, Dentsu Brasil invited us to take part on the research, curatorship and executive production of a very unique exhibition: Virtual Street Art - an augmented reality app developed with support from Japan House São Paulo.

The goal was to fill the space of legendary Paulista Avenue with 27 works of art, presenting a view of the possibilities contemporary urban art made available through digital means.

Created as a special gift to São Paulo's citizens, the interactive cultural experience went beyond the physical boundaries of Japan House São Paulo, reaching the streets and proposing a dialogue between art and audience through technology.

Working with GPS location, the Virtual Street Art app placed the works of art in several points of Paulista Avenue, and using augmented reality technology, a virtual interaction was made possible to the general public.

After March 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic, the app was available to be accessed from anywhere, stimulating people to practice social distancing.


• Adriana Komura
• B47
• Berje
Carla Barth
• Diego Medina
• Dimas Forchetti
• Feik
• Fernando Chamarelli
• Flavio Samelo
• Gabriel Ribeiro (Gabs)
• Goodwivesandwarriors
• Helena Sbeghen
• Highraff
• James Kudo
• Jana Glatt
• Jun Takahashi
• Loro Verz
• Marcelo Eco
• Marina Esmeraldo
• Mathiole
• Nando Zenari
• Paola Saliby
• Prozak
Ricardo Pirecco
• Rômolo D'Hipólito
• Titi Freak
• Zezão

Video Productionn: Big Bonsai
Audio Production: LIQUO

Commissioned by

Dentsu Brasil