Gol - Connecting More Destinations

Photos: Rafael Berndt & Carlo Taffarel

Installation created by artist Bernardo Abreu and produced by Norte at the Tom Jobim International Airport, in Rio de Janeiro, as part of Gol and RIOGaleão's "Connecting More Destinations" joint campaign.

Artist Bernardo Abreu was invited to develop a large format art installation in the departure area of the Tom Jobim International Airport, Rio de Janeiro, as part of the "Connecting More Destinations" campaign, a joint effort that celebrates the partnership between brazilian airline Gol and RIOgaleão, the concessionary that operates the airport.


On a panel measuring 3 x 9 meters, the artist executed a piece formed by an extension of more than 1000 meters of cotton string intertwined in a bed of approximately 15.000 nails.



Visual Artist: Bernardo Abreu

Art Assistance: Rafael Berndt & Carlo Taffarel

Film Production: Monstro Filmes

Director: Ian Pimentel

Commissioned by

Ampfy / SP