Consul - Vacuum Cleaner Facilite

Character designed for Consul's campaign for the Facilite vacuum cleaner ads.

The goal was to create a character made of dust from a vacuum cleaner. To start, the art
ist MMiller developed the concept of the doll, sketching several options for moviment and composition, giving him striking features like eyes made of button and others dirty objetcs placed around the body.

After a study of the character poses in three different situations, the mockup with 60cm (hight) came to life in the hands of the Atelier Casa do Trem. The physical production of the character was made with materials such as dust, dirt, hair, and paper. Inside, there was a wire structure that made it malleable to shape it according to the poses.

Finally, the character was photographed in scenarios created for each situation, resulting in three ads for the campaign.

Illustration / Character Concepts: MMiller
Sculpture: Atelier Casa do Trem
Photography: Cia. De Foto
Photo Retouch: 24/7 id

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